July 24, 2014

Ms Solid Gold, heels up!

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Photo by GWK Images

I’ve always wondered why, when someone is turned upside down the descriptive phrase is often, “She’s gone head over heels”. Isn’t that wrong, wouldn’t she actually be right side up if her head is over her heels? In any event, thats GMS model, Mz Solid Gold, and her heels are most definitely up in this photo and anatomically speaking that pretty much means that’s got to be her head a that bottom of this photo, assuming if you get that far.

July 10, 2014

Alexis’ big smile

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Photo by GWK Images

Its a classic pose by the very classy GMS model, Alexis Sater. Since her recent return to the GMS Alexis  is reminding us with each post just hows much we missed her. And how ’bout that smile! Look a little higher… There ya go.

July 9, 2014

Shawna Torrey – connoisseur!

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Photo and production by GWK Images

Some sip, others swish, a few gulp, but GMS model, Shawna Torrey has her own way of enjoying a fine wine. The processing of this photo is called color keying and it gives this particular shot a “cartoonish” feel. Shawna is blessed with (among other things) a grey sense of humor and tis giant wine glass and straw were the perfect props for this cartoonish photo set. Set? Yes, there are twenty shots in this amazing photo sequence.

June 28, 2014

Darling: Undeniable!

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Photo by GWK Images

Be honest, would you, could you say no to GMS model, Darling K? Darling is single and loves to dance. If she asked you to dance, would you, could you say no?  I doubt it.

June 27, 2014

Scarlett’s white shirt

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Photo by GWK Images

You know the best thing about the white shirt GMS model, Scarlett Fox is wearing in this photo? The best thing is that its the only thing she’s wearing in this photo. Or did you have something else in mind?