August 2, 2014

Alexis: Black and white and sexy all over

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Photo by GWK images

Long time viewers of the Photoblog know how much I like monochrome (black and white to regular humans) photography and this high contrast shot of GMS model, Alexis Sater is a perfect example. graphic and uncomplicated , the essential erotic theme of this shot os starkly evident, as is the stunningly sexy Alexis.

July 28, 2014

Scarlett: Follow her anywhere

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Photo by GWK Images

Some people are just natural, born leaders. That certainly must be the case with GMS model, Scarlett Fox. after all, wouldn’t you just have to follow her?

July 23, 2014

Darling K, the whole enchilada

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Photo by GWK Images

GMS model, Darling K is a multi-talented firebrand. Darling knows how to get attention and that’s a very good thing if you’re a model. In addition to her very popular pin-up photos, such as the one here, she is also an experienced runway model,  a talented singer who sings in English and Spanish and she’s now the host of her own radio talk show, Darling K’s Passion for Passion. Gorgeous, sexy, talented and versatile… Sounds like she’s the whole enchilada!

July 16, 2014

A day in the life of Scarlett Fox

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Photo by GWK Images

Have you wondered what a day in the life of GMS model, Scarlett Fox must be like? Does she spend her days dressed in fine satin or silk? Does she relax, enjoying the comfort of an overstuffed couch in the middle of the afternoon?  Are there Bon Bons or tea sandwiches. perhaps the sipping of wine? Is the picture above what comes to mind? Well, although Scarlett certainly looks more than comfortable and the photo prompts a very inviting narrative, the fact is, Scarlett’s days are filled with meetings, strategic planning, and matters of commerce and business. But feel free to enjoy the photo any time you want to imagine an afternoon in Scarlett’s life.


July 11, 2014

Darling in repose

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Photo by GWK Images

GMS model, Darling K does know how to wear a nightgown. In fact, she’s a diva no matter what who’s wearing. And she knows how to capture a man’s attention, isn’t that right guys… I said, isn’t that right guys!