September 25, 2015

Sugar: Prone to be Sweet and Sexy

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So, do you see what I did there in the headline?  Sugar has been such a great surprise. She is a warm, sweet, and yummy personality, not unlike a warm cookie fresh from the oven. Then there’s the Sugar who is hot, hot, hot!  So relax, stay tuned to the blog and get your self a big glass of cold milk, the perfect to enjoy with a warm Sugar Cookie, with a twist!


                                          Photo by GWK Images

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November 10, 2014

Allie in White

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Photo by GWK Images

In studio photography very often the entire studio will be painted all black or all white, sometimes called black and white studios. The stark facing on celling, walls an floor provide for consistent lighting but also, the stark environment makes the subject the absolute center of the viewer’s attention, a circumstance difficult to avoid when the subject is GMS model, Allie Laine. In this “white on white” themed shot, Allie captures the eye, and the imagination of the the viewer, exactly as intended, and as it should be.

October 17, 2014

Shawna, Friggin’ gorgeous in pink!

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Photo by GFWK Images

Everybody’s heard the cliche’, “Pretty in Pink” but GMS model, Shawna Torrey definitely turns up the volume and the heat on that tired old saying with this photo. Shawna’s fans have been waiting for this one for a while, so all I can say is, enjoy!

October 3, 2014

What’s red and black and Gold all over?

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photo by GWK Images

There is only one possible answer to the question,” What’s red and black and Gold all over?”, and that is this photo of GMS model, Mz Sold Gold. Gold, as wee call her, is famous for her spectacular pin-ups and you can simply add this one to your collection of quintessential shots of the inimitable, Mz Solid Gold.

July 31, 2014

Serena has no “off” switch

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Photo byu GWK Images

It is positively impossible not to fall just a little bit more in like with GMS model, Serena Tremayne each tinge a photo shows up on the blog. Serena has a quality, nearly universal, for getting attention. I don’t know if its a gene or a switch she just can’t turn off but aren’t we all glad this amazing woman keeps entertaining us with these great shots. Serena is what 66 looks like if every clock is broken and all the calendars are wrong. She’s reached that age I call, “timeless”.