November 15, 2014

Allie’s eyes

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Photo by GWK Images

In this extraordinary photo of GMS model, Allie Laine, our very own Island flower is as haunting as she is beautiful. This image is a reminder of just how winsome, even beguiling mature beauty can be. Hawaiian born and raised, the tropical flower is the perfect accent to Allie’s arresting eyes.

September 12, 2014

Allie Laine, Celestial Greeter? Maybe.

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Photo by GWL Images

The GMS is rich in gorgeous mature women, each with her own fascinating background, talents and skill set. Perhaps no GMS history is more diverse or demanding of novel skills than that of Allie Laine. Allie’s back story is filled with exotic and varied pursuits that have taken her around the world. She’s lived in tropical paradise, the Big Apple, and in a place so remote the town just down the road isn’t a town at all but the fabled destination, Area 51. Creatures from a galaxy far, far away might aim for Washington DC or some other capitol of commerce and government, but if blown off course on entry they could do a lot worse than for their first human encounter to be with Allie Laine.

March 3, 2014

Allie the chameleon

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Photo by GWK Imagves

Allie Laine has brought a unique and exciting energy to the GMS since bursting on the scene in September. Allie’s spirit and style are present in every photo, and as this photo evidences, she has no problem pushing the envelope if there’s a spectacular image at the other end. She’s a chameleon, able to meet to every photographic challenge and play every role perfectly.

December 11, 2013

Lovell’s calling card

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Photo by GWK Images

In the GMS, each model has one, or more attributes that distinguish them among their formidable peers. In the case of GMS model, Lovely Lovell, it’s her signature mane, that unmistakable shock of luxurious hair that flows like a waterfall down her back and presents a sumptuous chestnut frame for her splendid features. It’s as ubiquitous as it is beautiful and like Lovell herself, untamed. The color, depth, and sheer volume make Lovell’s hair her calling card, worthy of a portrait of it’s own. But with Lovell, the allure only begins at the hairline. Spectacular eyes, full, pouty lips, her luxurious tan, and voluptuous shape all combine to make the essential Lovell a singular and extraordinary package.

November 2, 2013

Darling K Shimmers

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Photo by GWK Images

In a fashion show the idea is to get noticed and it’s not easy when so many spectacular women in great fashions are sharing the runway. So it not just the walk or the look, sometimes what sells on the runway is the added dose of personality and personality is what Darling K is all about. In addition to curves that curve and legs that scream as they go past, its that extra little move, the accentuated turn and eye contact with the audience that stands out and Darling shows a hint of that personality in this photo.