May 22, 2014

Every inch of Rayne Day

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Photo by GWK Images

At 5’9″, and with that signature shock of flowing natural red hair, GMS model, Rayne Day cuts a spectacular figure in this fashion shot from the GMS shoot at the Watts Towers in south LA. As the Towers are in a public park, it didn’t take long to draw a crowd as we had seven GMS models on hand. Scores of children, especially young girls were fascinated by what they saw. Rayne’s remarkable presence and Mz Solid Gold were shadowed throughout the afternoon by these new fans. IF there’s one thing Rayne dDay excels at, its winning new fans wherever she goes.

March 31, 2014

The GMS has wings

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Photo by GWK Images

GMS models, Serena Tremayne, Shawna Torrey, Mz Solid Gold, and Darling K on stage at the conclusion of the Wear the Wings charity fashion event, Sunday, March 30 in Manhattan Beach, CA. The event benefitted Wings of Love International, a foundation benefitting women and children escaping domestic violence. All the models in the show wore the wings, emblematic of the cause.

March 24, 2014

Preparing to get their wings

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Photos by GWK Images

GMS models, Shawna Torrey, Mz Solid Gold, and Darling K get fitted for next Sunday’s Wear the Wings charity fashion event in Hollywood. The three, along with GMS Model, Serena Tremayne will appear in the charity fashion show benefiting the programs of Wings of Love International which supports victims of abuse and violence.  The event is actually a day long succession of events for children and adult survivors of abuse and violence. For tickets to the event and an opportunity to meet the participating GMS models, go to and search for “Wear the Wings Charity Event”.

The event is 10am to 4pm, Sunday, March 30 in the theatre at Hollywood High School, 1521 North Highland Ave in L.A. The fashion show gets underway at 1:30 following a celebrity red carpet arrival, arts & crafts and a Harvey P. Little puppet show for children and a lunch.

March 4, 2014

Follow Darling wherever she goes

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Photo by GWK Images

If she asks, make no mistake about it, you should follow GMS model, Darling K wherever she wants to go, especially if she’s wearing a white satin nightgown.

February 20, 2014

Serena, in living color

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Photo by GWK Images

There’s no need to adjust your monitor, it’s just GMS model, Serena Tremayne chill in’ in a beautifully colored dress in the marina at Dana Point. Taking a break from a fashion shoot, Serena seems to strike a pose without giving it a thought.  Attention! There’s a model on deck.