June 11, 2014

Rayne Day, the heart of the GMS

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Photo by GWK Images

That’s 5’9 inches of flaming red hair, cool green eyes and the heart and soul of the GMS, Rayne Day. Rayne has certainly found her niche in modeling. She can model an evening gown with poise and beauty as she does here in this Bob Mackey original. It was Rayne who first described the GMS a “sisterhood”, a state of mind that has persisted as these twelve mature models support each other through the trials and tabulations of pursuing their dreams before the camera. Its not an peaceful path, but its made easier when your sisters, those who deal with the same issues, have your back. I know of no other group of models that care for one another and who genuinely support each other the way the GMS models do.

May 29, 2014

Rayne Day in red

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Photo by John Hawkins, HL Images

She is GMS model, Rayne Day and there is the heart of the GMS. she’s 5’9″ of hot red hair, cool green eyes, and legs that go all the way to the floor. Heres is a classic fashion model shape and to the camera she is sensual, athletic and classically elegant. She had never modeled before she was discovered by the GMS but she’s come  so far, so fast that she’s now go the skills and the looks to go as far was she wants.

May 22, 2014

Every inch of Rayne Day

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Photo by GWK Images

At 5’9″, and with that signature shock of flowing natural red hair, GMS model, Rayne Day cuts a spectacular figure in this fashion shot from the GMS shoot at the Watts Towers in south LA. As the Towers are in a public park, it didn’t take long to draw a crowd as we had seven GMS models on hand. Scores of children, especially young girls were fascinated by what they saw. Rayne’s remarkable presence and Mz Solid Gold were shadowed throughout the afternoon by these new fans. IF there’s one thing Rayne dDay excels at, its winning new fans wherever she goes.

May 15, 2014

Rayne Day makes it a great day for one lucky tree

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Photo by GWK Images

Now that is one lucky tree! GMS model, Rayne Day gives this lucky palm tree a smothering hug, don’t cha just wish it were you. I field lots of questions about Rayne, but the answer to the question I get most is, Yes, that  fiery red hair is all hers and its all natural. Rayne is probably the most recognized of all the GMS models as she often hears her name called out while she shops, and travels about the Inland Empire in southern California.

April 5, 2014

Rayne Forest

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Photo by GWK Images

Like a wood nymph, the incomparable Rayne Day peaks out from under a tree limb in a mythical rain forest. But the feature in this photo is Rayne’s incredible green eyes. Hypnotic, they capture and hold you. be careful, or this wood nymph might beguile you.