September 23, 2015

Connect the Dots on Darling K

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It just could be a great new game, one I’m sure millions would download in a heartbeat. In this shot from a fashion show last summer, Darling shows us those polka dots on the runway. One barely knows where to begin connecting one to another. Beyond the dots,, there’s those great legs and that huge smile. And don’t forget her spirit that is far larger than Darling’s 5’4″ frame.


Photo by GWK Images

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October 28, 2014

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Photo by GWK Imgaes

GMS model, Darling K has long been a favorite on the Photoblog and thats because she is just so damned cute, very sexy and versatile as a mold. You’ve seen her in gowns, swimwear, lingerie, and in some extraordinary artistic shots here, and now here’s Darling in full fashion mode, modeling a cute casual wear outfit. As I said, versatile, and oh yes, don’t for get gorgeous and sexy.

September 20, 2014

Darling K does the beach

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Photo by Hawklight Imagery

Most people think Summer is the best time of the year to shoot on the beach. In fact, Fall (September and October) is much preferred by professional photographers because beaches are generally less crowded, the water remains warm (here in southern California), the sunsets tend to be a bit more dramatic with a greater occurrence of high and middle layer clouds and there are fewer instances of low clouds, what we call “marine layer” conditions that can obliterate sunsets entirely. Photoblog regular, John Hawkins of Hawklight Imagery caught GMS model Darling K in this great shot on a local So Cal beach under near Ideal conditions, but then just about any photo featuring Darling K begins with nearly ideal conditions making great weather a plus.

September 19, 2014

Red Carpet lineup

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Photo by GWK Images

Here’s another shot from the 40 Plus Divas fashion show in Las Vegas last month featuring GMS models (front to back), Serena Tremayne, Darling K and Mz Solid Gold in a photo from the red carpet. The event was a tour de force for the GMS and this shot is a perfect reminder of why.

September 8, 2014

The Blog’s belated video birthday message to Darling K

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It’s a day late as GMS model, Darling K’s birthday fell on a Sunday this year and the Blog doesn’t post on Sundays but here is a belated birthday message courtesy of Sir Paul McCartney and the Daily Photoblog. To view the video in full 1080p hi def, click the GMS Channel on YouTube logo to the right of this post.