November 9, 2015

Sugar’s Lunar Picnic- DESERT FOXES

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The model s Sugar D Cookie, the landscape near Shoshone, CA is positively lunar-like. This scene, by photographer, Mark A Sanders demonstrates what a magical moment can be created when a talented and motivated photographer and a willing and sublime model collaborate to achieve a spectacular image recorded at the #DESERTFOXES photo shoot. Please visit Mark’s website at to see more of his work and you’ll see more of his images and those of the other fantastic photographers here and on the DESERT FOXES Facebook page at


Photo by Mark Sanders                                                                         © 2015, Mark A Sanders

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November 7, 2015


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GMS model, Miranda Lowe is a splash of color strolling on the Mesquite dunes in Death Valley at the #DESERTFOXES photo shoot. Her footprints will leave only fleeting evidence of her presence as desert winds will soon erode, then erase them. Thank goodness we have this and so many more images to remember the encounter between these two natural beauties.


Photo by GWK Images

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November 6, 2015

What a view of Scarlett Fox – DESERT FOXES

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We kick off the photos of the DESERT FOXES photo shoot with this amazing view of GMS model, Scarlett Fox. Now that’s the kind of view y9u’d hope to see through any window, don’t you think?


Photo by GWKImages

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