July 28, 2016

The Story of Allie

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Happy Birthday Allie Laine, the most unique and interesting story of all in the GMS. This photo shows us some of the highlights of the remarkable life Allie has led to date. A professional Polynesian dancer in her youth, Allie, toured the world for nearly twenty years. Then she traded in her grass skirt and lei for chaps and a cowboy hat, working as a cowboy on a ranch in the desert near Las Vegas. These images frame the quintessential portrait of Allie today, still punching cattle but taking time off to get all girly-girl long enough to pursue modeling. She’s a great story, an even greater woman!


Photo by GWK Images

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5 Comments On “The Story of Allie”

  1. Pretty 🙂
    Happy Birthday

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful lady! You look marvelous!

  3. Great pics!! Happy Birthday to my sissy!!



  4. Happy birthday!! Very very beautiful lady!

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