May 18, 2016

Miranda, the Gift

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GMS model, Miranda Lowe’s photos always cause the traffic on the Blog to spike and the comments to flow, and I’m sure this photo will bring the same results. Miranda is a true gift and while I’ve gushed about her physical attributes every time I’ve posted her photos, I’ve neglected to tell you much about Miranda the woman, Miranda the person. The plain fact is, Miranda is a delight to be around. It took me months to talk her into doing her first photoshoot, but since that day, she has dedicated herself to becoming a professional model and she is well on her way. But even more importantly, Miranda is a person of great faith, with a soul as gentle as her soft, brown eyes, and a personality that is bright and so much fun to be around.


Photo by GWK Images

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19 Comments On “Miranda, the Gift”

  1. I love this woman. Beautiful inside and out

  2. Miranda is one stunning young lady. Big hugs and kisses!

  3. Wow totally amazing. Xx

  4. Miranda is absolutely gorgeous. It’s not possible for her to take a bad picture.

  5. Nice Miranda!!



  6. A gift from Heaven..

  7. Thats a wonderful model its seems Goddness photoshoots..Diva

  8. Suck a gorgeous and classy woman!

  9. Miranda is truly all woman! From her spirit to her faith, she is the total package…beautiful inside as well as out, intelligent, giving, warm and kind. A true friend!

  10. You are a goddess and I love you dearly. This is an amazing pic and I’m proud of you …. now move to Indiana already! ❤

  11. Robert C Johnson

    I met Miranda a few days ago. From the moment I said hi and the more we talked the more I knew this was not a typical woman. Class, self respect and her faith is first class. Your personality is like no other. I’m proud to say this woman is my life long friend.

  12. Awesome photo and glad you decided to share with the world. Its perfect!

  13. Your beauty is world class and pure. It’s a privilege to be able to see someone as beautiful and classy As You Are thanks for sharing you just look incredible

  14. I want to marry this lady . wow

  15. Made for the camera ! Just plain beautiful ! You have a bright future Miranda I hope you never quit!

  16. natural beauty and so elegant

  17. Nicholas Masters

    Miranda is always very super stylish with an incredibly beautiful and shapely figure. I love the new photo and dress – it reflects the power of her style while being disarmingly feline. Very elegant!

  18. Miranda you ares such a natural beauty – always elegant and exquisite. The warmth of your personality radiates from you in this stylish pic. Everything you do is classy. It’s just you being you!

  19. Thank you, Miranda, for finally saying “yes” to my month’s long campaign touring you to the GMS. You have come so far, and have a great future ahead.

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