May 10, 2016

Lovell a ‘tois

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Three views of GMS model, Lovell. Her look is original and singular. Lovell doesn’t look like anyone else. She doesn’t “cover’ anybody else’s look. She’s not the square peg for the round hole. Lovell is polymorphous, enigmatic, and authentically her own. What I know for sure is that just about everybody who sees her photos is arrested by them. Here images evoke thought, curiosity, even awe. Lovell is beautiful, sensual, and absolutely unique, and in modeling, that amounts to the holy trinity.


Photos by GWK Images

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4 Comments On “Lovell a ‘tois”

  1. lovely as always,makes me happy to see this beautiful lady,dallas

  2. As usual gorgeous and this time very enigmatic! Great pictures Lovell

  3. Nice!



  4. Darrell G Garner Jr

    Wow really nice

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