May 9, 2016

Allie Laine, A Puzzle Worth Solving

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GMS model, Allie Laine is a formidable woman. She’s gorgeous, sexy, smart, worldly, tough, and maybe even a little scary. But, no guts, no glory, guys. And to know Allie is absolutely worth the risk. She’s a riddle wrapped in an enigma, a puzzle without a key. Yeah, she’s tough, but there is also a vulnerability. Just under the bluster is a softness but you better get to know her if you ever hope to discover soft chewy center for yourself. She guards her singularity well. Getting to know Allie is a lot like actually finishing a New York Times crossword, it ain’t easy, but if you actually do it, it’s so satisfying and worth the effort. Oh, and by the way, she knows how to use that whip!


Photo by GWK Images

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3 Comments On “Allie Laine, A Puzzle Worth Solving”

  1. Never meet you but what a beautiful lady you are!

  2. Awesome shot sister!!



  3. Great picture!

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