April 22, 2016

Miranda Got Legs

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GMS model, Miranda Lowe in another stellar photo from the recent GMS group shoot. It takes this compressed pose to get all of Miranda’s six foot frame, actually 6 ‘5″ in those shoes, into a single frame. Its not easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort!


Photo by GWK Images

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73 Comments On “Miranda Got Legs”

  1. Beautiful and elegant Lady like no other. Completely a prefect10.

  2. Nicholas Masters

    Absolutely gorgeous and elegant with endless legs, gorgeous hair, and beauty of the americas!

  3. Stanley K.
    Miranda you are a beautiful lady both on the outside and inside. The combination of your intelligent mind, beautiful soul, loving spirit, and charming body makes you NUMBER #1 among the ladies I know. May you be BLESSED in all you do!

  4. Miranda is a beautiful creation of God – both inside and out. A truly stunning, charming, elegant and fun lady. Not just a beautiful model – she is an awesome role model too! Much love <

  5. Miranda, you are a beautiful lady with lots of class and values too…..:) So glad to have you as my friend.

  6. While her legs are to die for , it’s her whit and charm that have won my heart!!!

  7. Damn gorgeous :* my friend..

  8. This is a very sweet beautiful lady…….She deserves the best of everything…..

  9. beautiful from head to toe

  10. Obviously a very sexy woman but even more real and beautiful on the inside. Stay real hun!

  11. Shakespeare himself would find it hard to find a metaphor that can describe this woman’s beauty

  12. Miranda is stunning to say the least. A wonderful God fearing woman and GREAT person. Her photos are classy and sexy w every pose!!

  13. Miranda is the most beautiful and sexxy and gorgeous and hot model in the world

  14. Miranda is far and above the most stunning woman on here – if not the world! She breaths in sexy and exhales class ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Miranda you always make this boy smile. Keep up the amazing work. Xoxo

  16. She’s amazing!!!

  17. Hermosa foto espero ver mas!! Bella como siempre!!

  18. Wow Miranda!! 51 comments is a GMS record!! That is awesome! So happy to see you have so many friends and fans!! Fun pic too!



  19. Gorgeous Goddess ❤️❤️ .. You are a beauty par excellence ??

  20. WOW!!! Very Nice Miranda!! 🙂

  21. Miranda is not only beautiful but a role model. A church going model who puts God first knowing it is his gift that enables her to pursue her dreams.

  22. Matthew Jefferson


  23. Beautiful sexy lady

  24. She has more than just legs she’s got it all

  25. Looking hot!

  26. Lovely and special woman.

  27. Very beautiful tone athletic lady

  28. The most gorgeous legs west of the Mississippi! (and maybe east too!) I sure do miss watching you walk, but for now at least I can still see them on your blog! The pictures are just stunning!

  29. Only one word to describe u on your photo shoots and that is Mesmerizing. U look incredible and their are no right words to dedcribe how truly beautiful u are Miranda.

  30. Beautiful Lady..Those legs are absolutely fabulous…Would love to see more of her..

  31. You look amazing

  32. Awesome sauce!! Always love your long legs!

  33. Me gusta!!!

  34. Preciosa mi amiga Miranda!!!! 🙂

  35. She is beautiful WOW !

  36. stunning looking lady

  37. She always looks phenomenal in every picture!!

  38. You are such a beautiful model, I hope your career goes as far as you want it to. Your beauty and your brains has no limits, only you can stop you. I am here as your friend always if you want that.

  39. Very beautiful woman! Love those long legs!

  40. Beautiful as always

  41. Muy bella Miranda, me encanta la foto.

  42. Muy bella Miranda, me encanta la foto.

  43. Staring in a breathless silence… Unforgettable moment out of time!

  44. Glamorous, exquisite,and in the same time warm sweetheart.

  45. Looking very sweet gorgeous

  46. Believe me. You are beautiful. So confident with your looks. The photographer captures the outer beauty as well as the inner.

  47. Great photo of a gorgeous woman…those legs are amazing !

  48. Muy bella Miranda tienes fotos muy sexies

  49. You are a very and sexy lady??

  50. Lovely legs on a lovely woman with heart

  51. My amazing friend I hope she dose really well the full package there

  52. Absolutely mind blowing picture of you Miranda . It captures the beauty that you hold inside and outside !! WOW

  53. Beautiful photograph! Stunning!

  54. Hi Wow beautiful you look RADIANT!!!

  55. Cutest Lady Above The Oceans…:)

  56. Miranda you are one of a kind, you are not only beautiful but you work hard to keep such stunning figure. Every detail of you from top to bottom deserves praise. I appreciate the delicate and smooth linea of your legs, you have a definite model class body every woman dreams of having. Congratulations!!

  57. You look incredible! Not to mention being a perfect natural in front of the camera. Totally gorgeous!

  58. Can’t wait to see those legs in person! Wow!

  59. Gerald Mascarenas

    You are a very beautiful woman and you deserve to have what you want in life and you do deserve anything that comes to you.

  60. Miranda is absolutely stunning. Legs of a goddess that are endless…

  61. Very beautiful Miranda!so classy fun sexy and so elegant!

  62. I’m very impressed, this lady has so much class and style. Being a photographer myself I can only wish to have someone like her in front of me someday.

  63. You are an exquisitely beautiful lady is all i can say

  64. I cant say enough about how amazingly beautiful your photos are. The photography really knows how to bring your inter beauty out and shares it with the world. Love n Respect

  65. Now that’s true Beauty!!!

  66. Those legs go on, and on, and so forth, and so on. Ain’t it great!

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