April 2, 2016

Miranda Folded

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One of the outstanding class of 2015 GMS models, Miranda Lowe is a vision viewed from any angle, but in this shot she seems to almost jump out of that chair and into the lens. At 6 feet, the Argentinian beauty has perfect runway dimensions. But standing, it’s difficult to take in all of her except from a considerable distance, even with a 14mm lens., so in this shot, somewhat “folded”, we see all of Miranda, and close enough to enjoy her warm, beautiful smile.


Photo by GWK Images

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13 Comments On “Miranda Folded”

  1. Your legs your face,those eyes and that smile,is so breathtaking!

  2. Looking very sweet and gorgeous

  3. Stunning in so many ways!

  4. This is a very beautiful and talented lady….

  5. This woman is precious ….. an example of what every woman should strive to become….gorgeous.

  6. Beautiful as always!!

  7. You look great in yellow! Sexiest woman on earth!

  8. Very nice Miranda!!



  9. Love you beautiful sister! And yes the color looks great on you!!

  10. MMMMM = Mesmerizingly Marvelously Majestically Magnificent Miranda ? .. You are a Gorgeous Goddess ?????

  11. Absolutely gorgeous, Nora! You are a star in my eyes! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❤️?

  12. Yep there is that tall drink of water. I just love you in Yellow… Great picture

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