February 18, 2016

Layla Morales nails it!

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GMS model, Layla Morales fires off this spectacular and dramatic image from just her third professional photo shoot. Nearly all GMS models had never been in front of a professional camera before our first shoot together. Here, only a few weeks removed from that first photo shoot, Layla shows us her amazing progress in her modeling.  Loyal has a very bright future in this business as she continues to get better and better with every photo shoot.


Photo by GWK Images

Click the image to view the full sized photo

4 Comments On “Layla Morales nails it!”

  1. Wow! Very very beautiful!

  2. This is a HOT! Hot! photo you should be proud of the shots you are getting. Very nice!!

  3. Awesome shot Layla!!



  4. What an absolute natural you are before the camera. Your future is limitless!

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