December 23, 2015

A Christmas Wish From the GMS, circa 2013

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The GMS has ben around since 2011.  I’ll let the GMS, circa 2013, in a shot from our Christmas Group Shoot that year wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.  They are  (left to right):

Top-  Serena Tremayne, Shawna Torrey, Scarlett Fox, and Exotic Gem

Middle-  Allie Laine and Darling K

Front-  Chloe Arneaux, Mz Solid Gold, and Rayne Day


Photo by GWK Images

Click the image to view the full sized photo

2 Comments On “A Christmas Wish From the GMS, circa 2013”

  1. Awesome picture.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. I love this pic Gary!! I love this whole group!!

    Merry Christmas to everyone!!



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