November 19, 2015

A Kiss is Just a Kiss

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So much of what we had planed for the #DESERTFOXES photo shoot was changed or lost all together when the weather turned cold and rainy in the desert. But there were moments that couldn’t have been planned and here’s one. GMS models, Serena Tremayne and Sugar D Cookie share a kiss while waiting for their photo sessions. Serena, in her mermaid costume and Sugar in her signature “Marilyn” dress were capetured by GMS model, Sweet Georgia Brown, turned photographer in this sweet, unrehearsed, moment that shows us all what the “Sisterhood” of the GMS is all about.


Photo by Georgia brown

Click the image ot view the full sized photo

4 Comments On “A Kiss is Just a Kiss”

  1. Perfect shot of a very lovely Mermaid <3

  2. What a great shot, this pix is just so perfect.

  3. I don’t know if this is sweet or sexy. Wait, it’s both. The Sisterhood of the GMS on display. Thnanks for the moment at #DESERTFOXES Serena and Sugar, and thanks for capturing it, Sweet Georgia Brown.

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