November 16, 2015

Badass Cowgirl, Shawna Torrey

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When photographer, Mark Sanders ( suggested to GMS model, Shawna Torrey he wanted to create a “Badass Cowgirl” character  for her at the #DESERTFOXES photo shoot, both of their imaginations ran wild. Mark brought the concept and wardrobe, Shawna brought the body and attittude and one can only say, they nailed it!


Photo by Mark Sanders                                  © 2015, Mark Sanders

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13 Comments On “Badass Cowgirl, Shawna Torrey”

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  2. Now you knew this shot was going to be HOT!! Dam that shotgun would ward off any vermits

  3. Thank you sisters!! I love you guys too!!



  4. Shoot’em up Cowgirl! I LoVe it and LoVe you toooooooooooooooo………..

  5. Spectacular lady!!! Amazing!!

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  6. Amazing. Way to go Shawna! Hot hot!

  7. Thank you Daria!



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  8. WOW girl you scream don’t mess with me. Damn great shot!
    ? Daria

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