September 18, 2015

What 67 Looks Like If You Are Serena Tremayne

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She is the Queen of the GMS and in many ways, it’s heart and soul, but Serena Tremayne is also the most experienced and skilled of all the GMS models. And she recently turned 67. Yeah, I said that because she wears that fact as though it’s a glimmering jewel, as she should. Her age isn’t just interesting, it’s a 100 point Headline. Take a look at this photo and you’ll see a striking beauty and a spectacular model. She’s the real deal, a great model, a spectacular woman, Mom, Grandma, and person. Serena is the proof of concept for what the GMS is all about. And she has no plans to retire anytime soon.



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17 Comments On “What 67 Looks Like If You Are Serena Tremayne”

  1. wow, i’m sixty and i thought i was in decent shape,but woow, lovely woman, dallas

  2. you are such a pretty lady and courageous! Your experience is an encouragement to me. Hope to meet you soon.

  3. Well my Dear, you and I go back to that amazing GMS Class of 2011. Before it was the GMS. Simply stated, there is a GMS because of you. For those of you who may be new to the Photoblog, Serena is a miracle and an inspiration. As long as there is a GMS, Serena Tremayne will be it’s poster girl.

  4. gary it has been a fantastic five or so years…sooo many memories

  5. My partner in crime!!! You are so amazingly beautiful and talented, I am so blessed to have you in my life! Hope we have may more years to wreck havoc on many more lives!!! Love you sister!!!
    <3 Alexis

  6. You’re amazing inside and out. You’re absolutely beautiful! Love you <3

  7. 67 at its finest you will be beautiful at any age

  8. Pretty.:)

  9. She’s my soul sister, my travel partner, my party partner, one of my very best friends for life…she is stunning inside and out!

    Love you sister!!


  10. So sexy! You Look amazing I love your pose. Can’t wait to meet you.

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