January 9, 2015

Say Hello to brand new GMS model, Kimberly Cruz

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Photo by GWK Images


The Blog and the GMS is two for two, adding our second new GMS model in as many days so meet, and please welcome Kimberly Cruz to the ranks of the GMS. Kimberly is an entrepreneur, mother and grandmother. Yes, you read that correctly. Just try wrapping your head around that one for a moment while I tell you the photo above was from Kimberly’s first ever professional photo session. In fact its from the first hour of her first photo session! Wow! doesn’t even begin to say it.

4 Comments On “Say Hello to brand new GMS model, Kimberly Cruz”

  1. welcome,,,fun times and a lot of work ahead

  2. Please post more soon. I’m in love

  3. You are great looking lady. Hoping to see more beautiful picture of you soon.

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