November 7, 2014

Serena, the Grand-dame of the GMS

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Photo by GWK Images

She’s the the heart and soul of the GMS, its most senior and most experienced member, and Serena Tremayne is also the possessor of a magnificent smile and spectacular presence. At 66, Serena is accomplished at just about every tom of modeling and its worth noting that she is still a favorite of photographers around southern California, including this one.

2 Comments On “Serena, the Grand-dame of the GMS”

  1. Yes she’s knows more than all the rest and is happy to share her experience and knowledge with everyone. She has a fantastic professionalism,personality an she exudes graciousness, style and natural beauty. She’s a beautiful person inside and out, Love you my stunning sister..Rayne

  2. Yes she is the most experienced by far. Yet, she is so graceful and humble that you’d never know it. I totally respect and love her for that and more. Love you!

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