September 22, 2014

Serena shows her skills

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Photo by GWK Images

GMS model, Serena Tremayne is undoubtedly the most experienced of all of the GMS models. In her teen years Serena was promoted by her Father, a well know commercial photographer. She worked as a commercial model in the S F Bay Area as a fashion and commercial model and the photos I have seen are very impressive. But her time in front of the lens ended as she left the Bay Area, setting out on a path that took her in entirely different directions. That was just over 45 years ago so the photo above demonstrates spectacularly that neither the passage of time nor a lifetime away from the set can change who you are. In this photo from 2013 Serena shows that while she may have left modeling some four decades ago, her beauty and skills in front of the camera never left her.

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  1. What a beauty! Miss you guys.

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