September 20, 2014

Darling K does the beach

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Photo by Hawklight Imagery

Most people think Summer is the best time of the year to shoot on the beach. In fact, Fall (September and October) is much preferred by professional photographers because beaches are generally less crowded, the water remains warm (here in southern California), the sunsets tend to be a bit more dramatic with a greater occurrence of high and middle layer clouds and there are fewer instances of low clouds, what we call “marine layer” conditions that can obliterate sunsets entirely. Photoblog regular, John Hawkins of Hawklight Imagery caught GMS model Darling K in this great shot on a local So Cal beach under near Ideal conditions, but then just about any photo featuring Darling K begins with nearly ideal conditions making great weather a plus.

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  1. so lovely

  2. me too……sooooo beautifull

  3. Absolutely love this!



  4. Beautiful sister

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