September 13, 2014

Alexis Sater, the lawyer of your dreams

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Photo by GWK Images

GMS model, Alexis Sater is a petite, at 5’3,  a size 3-4, she is slight of build but a giant when it to desire and drive. This single Mom who recently became a very young and very hot Grandmother is a pre-law student in her early 40’s and her goal is to litigate. No paper laser her, Alexis wants to be in front of the jury arguing cases and making her points.  For Alexis, the GMS has been her opportunity to express herself and to find the voice she’ll eventually need to stand up and make her way. Will she win every case? Time will tell but one thing is certain,  she will hold every juror’s attention, without objection, every time she rises to make a point.


4 Comments On “Alexis Sater, the lawyer of your dreams”

  1. Thank You my sweet sisters!!!

  2. better all the time sister

  3. Have fun back in class!

  4. Gorgeous Alexis!!



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