September 11, 2014

Lovell, leader of the pack

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Photo by GWK Images

Of all the GMS models, Lovely Lovell has made the most appearances on the Photoblog. Her GMS fans site is the most visited of all the fan sites, her posts on the blog draw the most comments and she’s one of three GMS models who has published her own poster (the other being Shawna Torrey and Mz Solid Gold). Lovell is an exotic, her look and attitude are unconventional but she connects with her fans on a level all her own. So check out Lovell’s GMS fan site and don’t forget to visit her public gallery, a collection of her favorite photos Im sure you will find fascinating.

5 Comments On “Lovell, leader of the pack”

  1. Always Sexy Lovell.

  2. Thank you Shawna… From Bahrain.

  3. Pretty shot sister!



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