September 9, 2014

Michaela: making her mark

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Photo by GWK Images

She is the newest model in the GMS and she’s on a tear to make her mark. Michaela Ivri spent her first weekend in the GMS at the 40Plus Divas  fashion show, observing, learning. She didn’t take a step on the runway but what she learned and the friendships she cemented with her new GMS sisters made the weekend a great experience and investment. Since then she’s been researching to find her niche. Now she knows exactly where she’s going in modeling. Michaela is aiming like an arrow at fitness media and various fitness and “body Beautiful;” competitions.As this photo testifies, she is well qualified for the task at hand.

4 Comments On “Michaela: making her mark”

  1. im sure I commented already,,,.,she is a fantastic woman and friend you will all cherish her friendship

  2. Welcome to GMS . great to see new celebrities here, thank you Mr.Gary Keith

  3. Looking fabulous Michaela!!!



  4. Yes, she is, Gary. Great photo Michaela.

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