August 29, 2014

Shawna kills on the red carpet

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Photo by GWK Images

The most fun shots from the fashion show last weekend were from the red carpet. If you’ve never done that, it can be a bit overwhelming, even disorienting as flashes go off simultaneously from multiple cameras and multiple directions. Its easy to get caught looking the wrong way, or with a bit of an unusual face, or simply to be caught off guard. But  GMS model Shawna Torrey’ a pro. She has no bad side, she’s always “on” and she somehow finds the camera and delivers every time. In this case, Shawna flashes her signature smile and those amazing brown eyes.

3 Comments On “Shawna kills on the red carpet”

  1. Thank you sisters…just one thing…my eyes may look brown here..but they are GREEN!



  2. Just gorgeous my sister, Love ya, Rayne

  3. Awesome pic!! Way to go sister!

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