June 30, 2014

When you think of Allie, think pink!

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Photo by John Hawkins

GMS model, Allie Laine is known for being tough, maybe even rugged. Her job as a ranch hand implies nothing less. But also prominent on her resume are over 20 years as a professional Polynesian dancer, and  years as a fashion and swimsuit model. So who is the real Allie Laine?  This photo is not historic,, its the “contemporary” Allie and clearly present are elements of every entry on her resume. There’s the powerful physic the product of her physically demanding job; the curves and femininity that recalls her time as a New York based fashion and swimsuit model in her teens, and there are those legs, unmistakably the legs of a dancer. And of course there’s the fantastic lingerie and how well she wears it that evidences her obvious sensuality as a GMS model. make it easy on yourself though. When you think of Allie Laine, recall this photo by photographer, John Hawkins, and simply think pink!

3 Comments On “When you think of Allie, think pink!”

  1. Awesome pic! You look amazing!

  2. Love this pic sister!!! Just beautiful!!



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