June 20, 2014

Alexis’ return

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Photo by GWK Images

If you’ve been a fan of the GMS for very long you know sometimes models take a break from the photoblog and the “sisterhood” for a period of time. Such is the case with GMS model, Alexis Sater, who took a little over a year off as she pursued her education in pre-law school and whiles she became one of the Inland Empire’s hottest Grandmas. This photo is from her first photo session in more than a year shot just last week and as the guy on the other side of the lens my advice is, stay tuned to the Photoblog.  The shots she’ll be posting over the summer are bound to get Alexis labeled a prime global warming offender. But take it easy on her, she just can’t help herself.

4 Comments On “Alexis’ return”

  1. Thank you sisters and why thank you very much Greg!

  2. Stunning Alexis!!!



  3. You look terrific! What more can I say? Okay, you also look delicious!!

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