June 11, 2014

Rayne Day, the heart of the GMS

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Photo by GWK Images

That’s 5’9 inches of flaming red hair, cool green eyes and the heart and soul of the GMS, Rayne Day. Rayne has certainly found her niche in modeling. She can model an evening gown with poise and beauty as she does here in this Bob Mackey original. It was Rayne who first described the GMS a “sisterhood”, a state of mind that has persisted as these twelve mature models support each other through the trials and tabulations of pursuing their dreams before the camera. Its not an peaceful path, but its made easier when your sisters, those who deal with the same issues, have your back. I know of no other group of models that care for one another and who genuinely support each other the way the GMS models do.

5 Comments On “Rayne Day, the heart of the GMS”

  1. Classy beauty

  2. What a hot,sexy sister you are!!!

    Love you!


  3. so adorable and sexy at the same time

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