June 10, 2014

Solid Gold? You better believe it!

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Photo by GWK Images

If there was ever a question in your mmd as to how GMS model,  Mz Solid Gold got her name, this photo should serve to clear it up. Gold demonstrates here just how feminine and beautiful strength can be. That body is the product of 24 years in the U.S. navy and a profound interest in fitness and body building. If you like your women puny and weak, then pass her by. but if you admire and love a woman who is strong, confident yet thoroughly feminine, then our Mz Solid Gold just could be for you. The only remaining question is, would you measure up to the qualities necessary to be Mr. Solid Gold?

2 Comments On “Solid Gold? You better believe it!”

  1. Love this shot sister!! xoxoxo


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