June 6, 2014

Welcome back, Alexis

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Photo by GWK Images

One of the class of 2012 Great Model Search models, Alexis Sater was  very popular fixture on the Photoblog and grew a huge following. She’s taken a little over a year off pursuing her law degree. We are so happy to welcome Alexis to the Great Model Showcase and of course, back here on the Photoblog. Stay tuned as Alexis heads back into the studio for all new photos this week and her new shots will begin showing up here and elsewhere in just a few days.

5 Comments On “Welcome back, Alexis”

  1. Thank you Rayne and Lovell!

  2. Gorgeous pic Alexis!!! Beautiful eyes!! Welcome back sister!



  3. Hope you had a fun shoot today!

  4. Thank you sister, it feels so good to be back!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous my Sister, WELCOME BACK, Love you, Rayne

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