May 30, 2014

Serena’s Secret

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Photo by GWK Images

If you’re a fan of the Photoblog or of the GMS, it may be heard to believe GMS model, Serena Tremayne has any secrets. She is extraordinary in her forthrightness and candor We know her age, 65, and something most women guard like Ft Knox. We know was a model in her youth but gave it up and it was 45 yard ¬†Well our Serena is about to spill¬†the beans on her big secret and its something we can all share with her. Watch the News page of the blog and get ready to cheer for Serena!

2 Comments On “Serena’s Secret”

  1. Beautiful photo of you. Love the colors.

  2. Who are you flashing your cute butt to sister?! hahahahhahha

    Love it and love you!


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