May 22, 2014

Every inch of Rayne Day

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Photo by GWK Images

At 5’9″, and with that signature shock of flowing natural red hair, GMS model, Rayne Day cuts a spectacular figure in this fashion shot from the GMS shoot at the Watts Towers in south LA. As the Towers are in a public park, it didn’t take long to draw a crowd as we had seven GMS models on hand. Scores of children, especially young girls were fascinated by what they saw. Rayne’s remarkable presence and Mz Solid Gold were shadowed throughout the afternoon by these new fans. IF there’s one thing Rayne dDay excels at, its winning new fans wherever she goes.

One Comment On “Every inch of Rayne Day”

  1. Oh yes, Rayne is rockin this photo!!! What a fun day we had!!!

    Love you sister!


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