May 14, 2014

We’re Ba’ack!

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Photo by HL Images

We’re Ba’ack! And how better to breath life back into the Photoblog after a month’s hiatus than GMS model, Mz Solid Gold! The name may be “Gold” but I think you’d have to agree, in this extraordinary photo by John Hawkins, its clear red is certainly one of her colors. But then I don’t recall a color our Mz Solid Gold didn’t look astounding in.

From here on out, its new photos every day and the models of the GMS have been chomping at the bit and very busy doing new and exciting photo shoots over the past month, so be sure to make your way here every day.

The Blog has a new look, the GMS is completely rebranded with our new “luscious lips” logo and we’ll be rolling out new features all week, so don’t be a stranger.

3 Comments On “We’re Ba’ack!”

  1. this is great news, welcome back GMS, thanks Mr.Gary and all the models

  2. HOT!! Yes you are my sister!!! Way to start out the new blog!!!

    Love you,


  3. And what a comeback!!!!! Congratulations to all the gorgeous and fabulous models.
    Welcome back!!!!

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