February 28, 2014

Viewing Scarlett’s photo could be hazardous

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Photo by GWK Images

Scarlett Fox is the newest GMS model, but she’s warming up to the concept quickly, wouldn’t you agree? Those scarlet cuban topped stockings and matching shoes and the luxurious bed of blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and ample breasticles would cause any guy to experience dizziness as his eyes struggle to to focus on one end or the other of this photo. ┬áSo if you find yourself a bit disoriented from the vision before you just imagine the discipline required to actually ┬átake this photo. Hey, its a tough job, but someone has to do it.

3 Comments On “Viewing Scarlett’s photo could be hazardous”

  1. hot and desirable !!

  2. OMG! Scarlett this is a fabulous shot! Wow! You rocked it sister!

    Love you!



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