February 5, 2014

100% chance of Rayne

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Photo by GWK Images

Here in sunny Southern California we relish our extraordinary weather. Cold is practically unheard of, we surf in February and Ski in May. With over 300 days a year of sunshine, precipitation is little more than a concept. That said, Southern California would be an unhappy place without a little Rayne so as as a public serves here’s an extraordinary vision of GMS model, Rayne Day. And this photo is as refreezing as a sudden summer shower, at least I think it is, we really don’t have those around here.

4 Comments On “100% chance of Rayne”

  1. Lovely photo of a more than Lovely person ❤️

  2. One of the Greatest person I have met … Hugs and kisses Marichula ..

  3. Absolutely stunning Rayne…such a beautiful, classy picture.

    Love you!



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