February 1, 2014

Exotic Gem in profile

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Photo by GWK Images

Often here on the blog, the photos can be very sexy and flamboyant, and among the GMS models, nobody is better at capturing attention that Exotic Gem. But this photo shows us a different side (literally) of our Gem. Profiles are always quiet studies. The profile has been called the window to the subject’s soul, and here we see a peaceful, serene portrait of a very sexy, yet very thoughtful woman. The shot is quiet, unassuming, intimate, indeed a portal through which to catch a glimpse of Exotic Gem’s soul.

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3 Comments On “Exotic Gem in profile”

  1. Exotic Gem is a beautiful lady with an outstanding body. She is extremely sexy and I feel that she has or will have many fans who will potentially follow her as a model.

  2. I hope I didn’t say the wrong thing on hi5.im going to miss you

  3. Lovely…Exotic!!
    Love your work Gary!!

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