Day 12 of our Twelve Days of Christmas, GMS Christmas Video

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Click to view theĀ 2013 GMS Christmas Video


6 Comments On “Day 12 of our Twelve Days of Christmas, GMS Christmas Video”

  1. Once again you created your magic and captured your vision, thank you for making us a part if that.. We had so much fun.. Merry Christmas Gary and all my sisters.. and to all of you that support and follow us..Many blessings to all with love…Rayne

  2. What an absolute blast this video was to make! Thank you so much Gary and Jeanette! Love this and can’t wait to make more in 2014! Love the GMS and all my sisters!



  3. Working with Mr. Gary Keith of GWK Images and the Lovely GMS ladies on this holiday project was one of the most rewarding and enjoyable projects of my career…
    I thank Mr. Keith for sharing credit with Burton Photography on this project and the beautiful ladies for their patience and friendship….
    Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year

  4. How u doing sexy how’s your day going

  5. I like it. Merry Christmas!

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