December 18, 2013

Day 6 of our Twelve Days of Christmas, Mz Solid Gold

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780_12 days 6-gold

Photo by GWK Images

She is a glorious example of everything the GMS epitomizes. Mz Solid Gold is as magnificent a persona as she is a physical specimen of femininity and mature sexuality. Her smile is huge, warm and inviting and her life is imprinted with challenge and accomplishment. She is spiritual, devotional, all while being supremely sensual. She is a delicious contradiction who adds an ethereal yet essential flavor to the GMS.

5 Comments On “Day 6 of our Twelve Days of Christmas, Mz Solid Gold”

  1. Another picture showing how Mz Solid Gold just exudes beauty, internally and externally.

  2. Ms. Solid Gold.., sparkles in this holiday honey of a shoot!

  3. very pretty

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