December 11, 2013

Lovell’s calling card

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Photo by GWK Images

In the GMS, each model has one, or more attributes that distinguish them among their formidable peers. In the case of GMS model, Lovely Lovell, it’s her signature mane, that unmistakable shock of luxurious hair that flows like a waterfall down her back and presents a sumptuous chestnut frame for her splendid features. It’s as ubiquitous as it is beautiful and like Lovell herself, untamed. The color, depth, and sheer volume make Lovell’s hair her calling card, worthy of a portrait of it’s own. But with Lovell, the allure only begins at the hairline. Spectacular eyes, full, pouty lips, her luxurious tan, and voluptuous shape all combine to make the essential Lovell a singular and extraordinary package.

5 Comments On “Lovell’s calling card”

  1. No wrds to say u mem @

  2. so seductive,,,,,and cute at the same time

  3. Lovely Lovell … Is right!!! Striking this is a hit out the park photo… Thank you Mr. Gary Keith for bringing in a home run…

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