November 11, 2013

Exotic in Cosplay

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Photo by GWK Images


It takes only a second to spot GMS model, Exotic Gem. She’s tiny, barely 5’2″ but packed  into that diminutive frame is a spirit and the energy of a giant. And still there is room for a warm, gracious woman who  just about instantly owns any room she walks into. In this outfit, Exotic shows exactly why she is a GMS favorite despite the fact that she has spent a lot of this year working in Europe. But she’s home now and you can expect to see more of her here on the Photoblog and at GMS functions and shoots.

3 Comments On “Exotic in Cosplay”

  1. Sexy n beautiful

  2. There you are my sexy sister, So glad to have you back we’ve missed you.. Love ya Rayne

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