October 8, 2013

Lovell, Taking no prisoners

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Photo by GWK Images

In a world of “5 foot, nothin”, 100 pound, stick figured waifs, GMS model, Lovely Lovell reminds us all that gorgeous and over the top sexy come in all sizes. And if this picture doesn’t say it, believe me, Lovell has a huge and enthusiastic fan base spread virtually across the globe who will scream it. Lovell has it all but it’s her bearing and daring that make her unique, even among her high powered GMS sitters. Lovell is a wild card and she has men on nearly every continent tuning into the Photoblog daily, breathless for her next set of photos. Well boys, I hope you had your oxygen bottle nearby today because obviously, Lovell was obviously in the mood to take no prisoners this day.

7 Comments On “Lovell, Taking no prisoners”

  1. pure eye candy

  2. Absolutely gorgeous my sister, Love ya, Rayne

  3. Just beautiful Lovely!!!



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