September 19, 2013

Three Faces of Exotic Gem

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Photos by GWK Images

Since the very beginning, nearly a decade ago, every one of the nearly 75 women have modeled just about every kind of dress, pants, lingerie, swimsuit, casual, evening, or formal wear. But the one thing each has worn, and for some its been really difficult, is rich red lipstick. Red lipstick is compliant to all pin-up or glamour photography and its become a true trademark of GMS models. Of all the women who have worn the rouge à lèvres rouge, nobody has done so more spectacularly than Exotic Gem. And guys, those lips are not enhanced, filled, or augmented, they are absolutely natural and 100% gorgeous don’t chya think?

3 Comments On “Three Faces of Exotic Gem”

  1. Very pretty.

  2. Thanks, Serena! You are also fun to be with. May you have a wonderful day filled with excitement in your horizon.

  3. so beautifull,,,so fun to b with,,the perfect little package,,captured by gary keith………….

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