September 19, 2013

Exotic Gem’s Big Heart and Killer Legs

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Photo by GWK Images

At barely 5’2″, she’s the most diminutive of all the GMS models, but Exotic Gem sports legs that are the equal of any of her sisters’. This little powerhouse is a bundle of energy and a limitless sensuality. But she’s also a remarkable person, a practitioner of eastern philosophy and a most peaceful soul. She’s that rare combination of woman who can excite and calm you in the same moment. The size of the heart she’s holding here is nearly in scale.

3 Comments On “Exotic Gem’s Big Heart and Killer Legs”

  1. What a HOTTIE!!! Exotic, Your legs seem to go all the way to Your NECK!!!

  2. Very nice photo.

  3. yes she is something else,,little spitfire with a heart

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