September 18, 2013

The GMS Shoots Fashion at an Iconic Site

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Photo by GWK Images

Five members of the Great Model Showcase gathered at the famous Watts Towers Arts Center in South Los Angeles yesterday to shoot the new fashions of their GMS sister and designer, Chat du Noir. Chat’s been a designer of fashions and costumer to many entertainment and music acts over 20 years. Here you great view of the GMS models and a first look at some of Chat’s Fall,2013 line. So here’s a little test of your GMS knowledge. Can you name the GMS models (left to right) pictured above? No cheating, take your best shot. In the afternoon post, you’ll learn more about Chat’s line and where you can buy some pieces for that someone special in your life.

8 Comments On “The GMS Shoots Fashion at an Iconic Site”

  1. Serena and Rayne,
    thank you so very very much…
    It was an amazing day working with the GMS models in watts towers historic site…
    What better location in to shoot these urban fashion beauties..then to use these beautiful women who are both grace charm and strength.
    Mr. Gary Keith does an amazing job with the models, working with him was an extraordinary experience….
    Thank you and big hugs and kisses to everybody!!

  2. What an awesome day, what a blast, when we get together it’s always fun, Girl’s time..and I second that Serena, and Jeanette is a doll.Love all of my sisters one & all!! Love ya, Rayne

  3. yep great shoot…..great clothes great sisters,,,rayne and I had a blast with everything and Jeanette too

  4. All these beautiful women in one picture!!so this is what the fountain of youth and fun in the sun looks like…sizzling!

  5. What a fun day yesterday! I absolutely love my GMS sisters! There is nothing like our GMS family! Great job ladies!



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