September 16, 2013

Shawna in a Twofer

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Photo by GWK Images

Great models have range, meaning they are great no matter what they are shooting, be it fashion, lingerie, artistic, even erotic genres. If you are a longtime viewer of the Photoblog then you’ve seen great examples of Shawna’s range. This shot covers two genre in one shot, fashion and editorial. It’s a great shot of the statuesque Shawna and she brings a lot to this simple photo.

8 Comments On “Shawna in a Twofer”

  1. They say nothing beats a great pair of legs,.. and this image is proof positive of that! Throw in flawless facial features & eyes that could melt a frozen tundra and you have Shawna in a nutshell!

  2. Thank you my sisters…love you all and Scott, that was so sweet of you to say! Thank you!



  3. I love it sister.. You rock it.. Love ya, Rayne

  4. Miss Shawna, this is Scott from FB. I like this photo of of. It comes off as you being fun, carefree, flirty, an overall great gal! You are a beautiful lady. I wish you nothing but good luck in your endeavors, and life.

  5. Shawna , this photo is do cute of you. I love it!

  6. how fantastic,,,,angel sister

  7. luv my sisters. But this is my blood .. luv you

  8. Love u my big sis gogo babes

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