September 14, 2013

Chat’s All That

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Photo by GWK Images

In modeling, versatility is everything, the more you can do, the more you work. GMS model, Chat du Noir heard that, then figured she’s simply do it all. Not only does she model just about every genre from artistic to fashion, to lingerie, even erotic, she’s designed and made virtually every outfit you’ll see her in here on the Photoblog. She’s even designed many of the outfits you’ll see many of the other GMS models. It turns out she’s as talented a designer as she is a model. In fact, it took the GMS finding her for Chat to discover she’ as good in front of the camera as she has been designing outfits and fashions for entertainment groups for twenty years. Her label is gaining speed and so is her modeling.

4 Comments On “Chat’s All That”

  1. There is no denying Chat du Noir’s multifaceted iridescence! But whether as designer or model Her appeal is remarkable! But at the risk of being called a misogynist, i think i hardly alone in choosing where my preferences lie! Chat,… You are just plain STUNNING!!!

  2. Absolutely stunning & hot, you rock it sister, Love ya, Rayne

  3. yes sir,,,thats a red hot babe

  4. Smokin hot Chat!



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