September 13, 2013

Alexis en Noir

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Photo by GWK Images

Long time followers of the Daily Photoblog know that every Great Model Showcase model began as a Great Model Search model and every Great model Search model was invited to become involved in this project, there’s no other way. The Showcase models are the elite models of the Search models and elite is the perfect word to describe Alexis Sater. The GMS and Alexis found each other at exactly the right moment in time. If Serena is the queen of the GMS then surely Alexis is the princess. Her trademark cerulean blue eyes and spectacular figure are emblematic of the GMS and in this shot you can see why her posts on the Photoblog are an event not to be missed. Even in subdued light and in black and white Alexis is brilliant.

7 Comments On “Alexis en Noir”

  1. Thank you Don R!!! You are such an amazing fan!! Can’t wait to shoot with you!!!

  2. Alexis, You are always a favorite! Such gorgeous hair & delicious curves are the essence of sensual glamour modeling. And You epitomize that superbly!!!

  3. Love this photo of you Alexis!

  4. Honestly, it isn’t possible to not fall in love with this woman!

  5. very sexy and elegant

  6. Love this beautiful shot of yours gorgeous!!.. Love ya, Rayne

  7. Very sexy Alexis! Fabulous job!



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