September 11, 2013

Rayne Day, Pure Elegance

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Photo by GWK Images

She’s everything you’d expect from a natural redhead with flames for a mane and flashing green eyes. But what is a pleasant surprise is that this nearly 5’10 inch beauty is the picture of elegance, seen here in a stunning white gown shot in a natural setting. There’s a serenity in this photo and in Rayne that is calming and exciting in the same moment. Drop a comment and let her know what you think and stop by later for her second offering of the day as Rayne goes into studio and you won’t believe the shot that resulted..

10 Comments On “Rayne Day, Pure Elegance”

  1. Rayne’s inner beauty is magnified by her exterior beauty and charm

  2. Class Sensuality and Beauty wrapped into one delicious package!

  3. Thank you for lovely comment my sister you are always so kind, Love Ya, Rayne

  4. The most striking thing about all of Rayne’s images is the way that Her elegance & grace shine through the lens. Her exceptional figure & lithe aspect always make for a thrilling enticement!!!


  6. Beautiful, my sister!

  7. So elegant! Beautiful Rayne!

    Love you sister!



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